Reports 9.

The Teti Cemetery at Saqqara, volume II, The Tomb of Ankhmahor


The report is an A4 document consisting of 75 pages of the report itself (Reports 9, part 1) and a total of 73 plates.

Plates 1 to 30 are photographic and are included in Reports 9 part 2.pdf

Almost all of the remaining files are drawings, and a large proportion of these are fold-outs, single sheets equivalent to 2, 3 or 4 A4 pages. There is no way that the latter can be reduced to single pages without losing detail.

Therefore the files are arranged as follows:


Reports 9 part 1.pdf: Text
Reports 9, part 2.pdf: Plates 1 to 30
Reports 9, part 3.pdf: remaining single-sheet plates
Reports 9, part 4.pdf : multiple-sheet plates: There is an optional Word file of this section: see note here

Details of the plates files are as follow:


Reports 9, part 2.pdf: Plates 1 to 30.
1. Entrance recess, north side

2. Entrance recess, south side

3. Entrance, north thickness

4. Room I, east wall

5. (a) Room I, north wall; (b) Doorway between rooms I-II, south thickness

6. Room II, south wall

7. Room II; (a) South wall (detail); (b) North wall

8. Room II, west wall

9. Room II, west wall (detail)

10. Room Ill, east wall

11. Room III, east wall (detail)

12. Room III, south wall

13. Doorway between rooms III-N, east thickness

14. Room IV, east wall

15. Room IV, east wall (detail)

16. Room IV, east wall (detail)

17. Room IV, south wall

18. Room IV, north wall

19. Doorway between rooms I-VI, east thickness

20. Room VI

(a) South wall, west of doorway

(b) South wall, east of doorway

21. Room VI, pillar 1, north face

22. Room VII, false door

23. Burial chamber, east wall (centre)

24. Burial chamber, east wall (south)

25. Burial chamber, east wall (north)

26. Burial chamber, after Firth - Gunn, Teti Pyr. Cent., pl. 6: (a) West wall, south of sarcophagus recess (b) West wall, north of sarcophagus recess; (c) East wall (north)

27. Burial chamber: (a) South wall, after Firth - Gunn, Teti; Pyr. Cem., pl. 6; (b) South wall, present condition

28. Burial chamber: (a) North wall, after Firth - Gunn, Teti Pyr. Cem., pl. 6; (b) North wall, present condition

29. Burial chamber, sarcophagus

30. Inscribed fragments

Reports 9, part 3.pdf: remaining single-sheet plates

31. Architectural plan

32. Sections

33. Facade

38. Room I, north wall

39. Doorway between rooms I-II: (a) South thickness; (b) North thickness

40. Room II, south wall

41. Room II, north wall

51. Room IV, north wall

52 Doorway between rooms III-V, south thickness

53. Doorway between rooms III-V, north thickness

54. Room V, east wall

55. Doorway between rooms I-VI: (a) West thickness; (b) East thickness

56. Room VI, south wall, west of doorway

57. Room VI: (a) South wall, west of doorway (west end); (b) North wall

58. Room VI, south wall, east of doorway

59. Room VI: (a) East wall; (b) Pillar 1

60. Room VI;(a) North engaged pillar, south face; (b) South engaged pillar, north face; (c) North engaged pillar, west face

70. Burial chamber, sarcophagus: (a) Chest, south face; (b) Chest, north face

71. Inscribed fragments

72. Inscribed fragments

73. Finds, burial chamber, after Firth - Gunn, Teti Pyr. Cem. 1, figs. 10-11; vol. 2, pls.13, 14.

Reports 9, part 4.pdf : multiple-sheet plates

Note: Reproducing these gave me many problems, as my scanner would only produce pages smaller than A4. Thus the results are not as I hoped. Therefore, as well as the PDF file there is a word file containing all the pictures. I hope that you will be able to produce a useful copy by cutting and pasting, either electronic or physical!. Enjoy! (tl)

If you would like bitmaps of the pages included on the website, let me know (


34. Entrance recess, north side

35. Entrance recess, south side

36. Entrance: (a) South thickness; (b) North thickness

37. Room I: (a) East wall; (b) South wall; (c) West wall

42. Room II, west wall

43. (a) Room II, east wall; (b) Doorway between rooms II-III, north thickness; (c) Doorway between rooms II-III, south thickness

44. Room III, east wall

45. Room III, south wall

46. Room III, west wall

47. Room III, north wall

48. Doorway between rooms III-IV:(a) East thickness;(b) West thickness

49. Room IV, east wall

50. Room IV, south wall

61. Room VI, pillar 5

62. Room VII, false door

63. Burial chamber, east wall

64. Burial chamber, east wall (north)

65. Burial chamber, south wall

66. Burial chamber, west wall, south of sarcophagus recess

67. Burial chamber: (a) East wall, E-W connection between the north and south sections; (b) West wall, north of sarcophagus recess

68. Burial chamber, north wall

69. Burial chamber, sarcophagus: (a) Lid, east face; (b) Chest, east face