Bulletin of the Australian Centre for Egyptology (BACE)

(ISBN 1035-7254)


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About BACE

The Australian Centre for Egyptology, based at Macquarie University in Sydney, publishes an annual Bulletin (BACE) with articles from national and international scholars in the field of Egyptology. BACE is designed as a forum for scholarly articles and topics dealing with all aspects of ancient Egyptian culture and society. The readership of the Bulletin is drawn from both the academic world and the interested general public. Members of the Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology receive a copy of the Bulletin at the end of the year for their membership contribution.


Notes to contributors

The recommended length of the articles is 30008000 words, although shorter and longer articles have also been accepted. Articles intended for publication in BACE can be received until June 30th each year. All the contributions are reviewed by the Editorial Board. BACE is listed as a refereed journal with Ulrich's Periodicals Directory http://www.ulrichsweb.com/UlrichsWeb/


Contributors are kindly requested to submit their manuscript in electronic form as a Word Document and/or a hard copy on A4 paper.


Please submit the document in an A4 format.


Please use 12pt font, preferably Times New Roman, and 1.5 line-spacing.


3 or 4 photographs per article will be accepted if suitable for publication in the final A5 format of BACE (image area 11cm x 17 cm). Photographic prints will be returned on request.


For the submission of photos in electronic form please adhere to the following guidelines: scan all photos at 300 dpi and save as TIFF files.


Line illustrations should be scanned at a resolution of 1200 dpi and saved as TIFF files.


Captions for figures and photographs with appropriate acknowledgement should be provided double-spaced on a separate document. Recommended maximum length: 2 lines.


Please use "endnotes" rather than footnotes. The endnote numbers in the text are placed above the line (in superscript), after punctuation and without brackets.


Bibliographic references:

For the first citation give author's initials and name, full title of the article / book and publication details with journal title written in full. In subsequent citations of the same work give author's surname only, an abbreviated title, page number and/or plate number. Give volume numbers for books in Roman numerals, for journals in Arabic numerals. Latin abbreviations (op.cit., ibid.) are discouraged.





A. Dodson and J.J. Janssen, "A Theban Tomb and its Tenants" in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 75 (1989), 125138.



Dodson and Janssen, JEA 75 (1989), 127.



A.M. Blackman, The Rock Tombs of Meir, I (London, 1914), 911, pls. 1,13, figs. 24; vol. VI (London, 1953), 720, figs. 112.



Blackman, Meir, I, 7, pl. 2, fig. 4.


Hieroglyphic text not embedded in the electronic document as an image should include reference to the Gardiner sign-list number. If hieroglyphs are required that are not in the Gardiner sign-list or the Glyph Font, an enlarged inked version of the hieroglyphs should be submitted in a form that can be scanned as an image and printed. Please provide an electronic copy of any font of a non-standard script.

Contact BACE

For all enquiries and correspondence, please contact the Editor:

Dr Susanne Binder



Australian Centre for Egyptology

Dept. of Ancient History

Macquarie University

NSW 2109, Australia


(+61) 02 9850 6881



(+61) 02 9850 8892