(A full listing of newsletters can be found here.)

Behlmer, Heike: New Research on Shenoute, Newsletter 99

Hope, Colin: General Wen-Djera-en-Djed of Tanis Newsletter 27

Kanawati, Naguib: Niankhre, the Royal Hairdresser, Newsletter 23

Kanawati, Naguib: Nikauisesi a Reconsideration of the Old Kingdom System of Dating, Newsletter 75

Kanawati, Naguib: The North-West corner of the Teti Cemetery, Newsletter 100

Kitchen, Kenneth: Hori, son of Panehsi, Newsletter 25 (this statue is in the collection of the Brazilian National Museum in Rio de Janiero!)

Ling, Ted: Senenmut, Administrator and Architect, a Biographical Sketch, Newsletter 19

Martin, Geoffrey: Maya, Treasurer of Tutankhamun, Newsletter 24

Ockinga, Boyo: A Statuette of Osiris, the Protector of the Majordomo Padihorresnet, Newsletter 22 (this item is in the Museum collection at Macquarie)

Ockinga, Boyo: Amemophis, son of Hapu, a Biographical Sketch, Newsletter 18

Ockinga, Boyo: Anhurmose, the High Priest of Onuris at Thebes, Newsletter 26

Thompson, Beth: Ahmose, son of Abana, a Biographical Sketch, Newsletter 20

Thompson, Beth: The Old Kingdom Cemetery at Tehna in Upper Egypt, Newsletter 100

Walker, Jim: Imhotep, the Vizier and Architect of Djoser who became Imouthes/Askelepios, the God of Healing, Newsletter 29 and Newsletter 30

Whale, Sheila: Pahery, the Supervisor of Works in the Tomb of Ahmose, son of Ibana Newsletter 28